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Bloq Labs Reveals Mining Software Suite To Increase Hashrate

Bloq Labs has recently introduced their beta version of a new software suite for cryptocurrency miners named Titan. Co-founder of Bloq Labs Jeff Garzik originally announced this project during the most recent Binance conference held at Singapore claiming the protocol can maximize a mining machine’s hash rate by double digits with proper configuration and dynamic adjustment.


According to Garzik, Bloq Labs has created a waiting list for miners who are interested in participating in the Titan’s beta testing. The Titan protocol is a software suite dedicated to overseeing cryptocurrency mining infrastructure. If the user properly configures the software, Titan will be capable of increasing a miners pool hash power by the double digits.

Ryan Condron, CEO of Titan, says the project has been in stealth mode for quite a while now and commented that the software will make crypto mining much easier, profitable and more scalable. Currently, Titan has opened up their beta wait list to the public. The Titan program is currently available for free to install but the company will gain profit from its more advanced hash rate version.

“The fact is, managing mining hardware is a very manual process — Not only do you have to individually access and configure each device, but you must continually monitor and adjust your devices to make sure that they are online and mining the most profitable coin,” explained Condron during the beta launch announcement. “Additionally, there’s the balancing act of managing operational costs and physical infrastructure concerns, such as electricity costs, wire management, and heat dissipation.”

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