Blockchain-based Gaming MarketPlace Reveals Their Growing Number of Publishers

A Blockchain-based Marketplace made for video games, which was developed by some of the best gaming veterans around, including Brian Fargo, RobotCache has just shown the world another example that the multi-billion gaming industry is starting to take blockchain technology quite seriously.

RobotCache has recently announced that they’ve successfully signed on 22 publishers with over 700 games signed for its platform, which has been estimated to launch sometime during 2019.

Some very well known names in the gaming industry have signed up on RobotCache, publishers such as Bigben Interactive, Devolver Digital, Headup, Paradox Interactive, and THQ Nordic among others.

According to information provided by RobotCache website,

“RobotCache is built on the blockchain for two reasons: to ensure the security of the games being bought and sold and to allow Cachers to mine IRON [a native token of the marketplace] game tokens when they are not using their machine,”

One of the more interesting aspects for this marketplace is that they will allow consumers to resell their games, while publishers will get a piece of the cut as well.

In an interview with Venture Beat, CEO of RobotCache, Lee Jacobson said,

“Some users want to monetize their digital library. They can play a game for a few months and then sell it back. Then they can use it to buy more games,”

Consumers will be gaining over 25% of the original price (in tokens), while publishers will be gaining 70% of that piece and RobotCache taking the last 5%.

Our Thoughts

Video Games have become one of the biggest business in the industry over the past decade or so. With RobotCache becoming another online retailer to compete in the market against places like Steam, GOG, and Epic Games, it’s going to be quite interesting if this blockchain set up will entice people to join their platform.

Are you planning on trying out RobotCache in the future?

Let us know your thoughts.

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