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BitPay Begins To Accept Donations For Wikipedia

The Wikimedia Foundations, the ones who are behind Wikipedia, have recently partner up with the crypto payment system, Bitpay, to allow users donate in either Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Normally, Wikipedia asks its users for donation to be made in fiat currencies, a sum which is enough to purchase some coffee. Wikipedia doesn’t place any advertisements in its pages, so they don’t receive a steady source of income, though it does stay completely free of charge for anyone who wishes to search for some much-needed knowledge.

Even so, when you take the fact that traditional payment systems can be quite unreliable at times, it’s becoming more difficult for the Wikimedia Foundation to collect those donations, making them search of alternative means, specifically the crypto space. Hence the reason why Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will now be acceptable for donations.

While the platform has been receiving the donation in the form of Bitcoins int he past few years, they’ve only recently decided to change their payment operator for Bitpay. The results have led them to also being capable of accepting Bitcoin Cash as another optional crypto for donations.

One of the top managers at Wikimedia Foundation has even stated that the company’s donors seem to heavily involved in crypto coins, so Bitcoin Cash will become the first step in expanding this direction.


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