BitGo Launches Cold Storage Trading

Bitgo, a cryptocurrency wallet provider, is planning to launch a new solution made to attract large amounts of cash sitting on the sidelines into the crypto Market. During the late January, investors will be capable of trading crypto coins that are locked away in cold storage with BitGo.

Investors who decide to utilize this new service will be capable of purchasing crypto with a more robust security system, knowing that the crypto they’re buying is completely disconnected from the internet and much more difficult to steal.

CEO of BitGO, Mile Belshe, spoke to Bloomberg stating he wishes to “introduce market structure to crypto that’s never existed before.” He says the capability to purchase or sell in cold storage will allow customers to bypass exchanges, thus cutting the risk of error and breaches of compliance requirements.

Belshe believes that crypto is here to stay, and the amount of money in the space“ can easily go into trillions.”

BitGO is teaming up with trading firm Genesis Global Trading Inc. to successfully launch the new cold storage trading feature. The launch for this new cold storage trade will be done by the end of this month.

Our Thoughts

BitGo is just one of the many companies that are enticing investors from Wall Street to get involved with crypto during 2019. Plenty of other companies, such as the DCG, are launching their own exchanges or platforms to entice the investors to their systems to trade crypto effortlessly.

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Keith Wang

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