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Bitfury Partners With MDW to Deliver Next-Generation Healthcare Blockchain

UK-based blockchain technology company, Bitfury announced that it would be partnering up with Medical Diagnostic Web (MDW) with Longenesis also joining the partnership. This deal team up will have them implement blockchain technology into MDW’s radiology marketplace.

According to Bitfury, this team up shall lead to the creation of a next-generation platform for maintaining, sharing and securing medical imaging and diagnostic data. Deployment of this blockchain infrastructure is also expected to see new industry standards for healthcare blockchain implementation into motion.

CEO of Bitfury, Valery Vavilov has this to say,

“Blockchain technology can strengthen patient data security by providing a tamper-proof record of patient history while simultaneously providing an avenue for doctors to more easily share information. The digitization of trust that blockchain offers, paired with the medical potential of AI algorithms, has the ability to revitalize medical systems all over the world.”

MDW is the very first radiology blockchain platform created to connect all players in the medical imaging ecosystem to develop an open and transparent marketplace for image interpretation. This will allow radiologists to contract with imaging facilities and securely share patient data and medical images such as X-rays and computed tomography scans for interpretations.

This combination of new technologies, developed by Bitfury’s Exonum private blockchain framework, shall take the security of private medical information to a whole new world, according to the parties involved. It’ll provide users with a more robust and discrete environment, while allowing the transaction to be validated by nodes installed at a variety of respected locations, using anchoring technology to further increase the trust of recorded transactions.

Longensis involvement in this partnership will ensure that data management practices that are recorded transparently via blockchain, remains accessible only by authorized parties in full compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and “right to forget.”

MDW CEO and Co-Founder Michael Averbach said:

“A partnership with these industry innovators will enable MDW marketplace to provide the most advanced healthcare blockchain technology available today. Our new hybrid private/public blockchain will provide the best of both worlds — a transparent and flexible yet protected and secure environment for medical data. We believe that together our advanced technologies will pave the way for a new quality standard in healthcare blockchain.”

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