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Bitfury Hires New CEO For Crystal Blockchain

Bitfury has just announced two new executive-level employees to lead its analytical tool wing Crystal Blockchain.

The Crystal Blockchain is an analytical tool developed for research and investigation purposes conducted through transactions that have happened in public blockchain networks. The person to lead this firm shall be Marina Khaustova as its new CEO. Furthermore, Chris Dickson shall lead the software sales division.

 New Hires

These two newly hired employees will not be replacing any previous employees. Instead, these are new roles that wore created to serve a specific purpose, showing that Bitfury is slowing increasing their business and diversifying their software offerings, alongside their usual Bitcoin and mining business.

Crystal Blockchain was originally launched during 2018 and was said to deal with issues of scams and fraudulent activities by criminals on public blockchain networks. Clients included firms that were particularly emphatic on compliance and bodies that dealt with law enforcement. Furthermore, financial institutions and companies involved with cybersecurity were also brought to the table for their services and solutions.

CCO of Bitfury, John Mercurio had this to say about his new coworker,

“After a year of growing interest in the product, we are bringing Marina on board to help take it to the next level.”

The new CEO of Crystal Blockchain, Marina Khaustova, discussed her vision for the company, saying that she wishes to:

“build a compliant bridge between digital assets and the traditional financial system.”

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