Bitcoin Trader Kidnapped in South Africa By Criminals for his Cryptocurrency.

Hackers aren’t the only type of criminals crypto traders will have to worry about, as recent reports have stated that a Bitcoin trader based in South Africa found himself kidnapped and tortured.

The Crime

According to the local media, the Bitcoin trader known as Andrew, met a man on Facebook that was interested in learning the ways of cryptocurrency. Andrew was invited to a residence in Ntuli Street in Meadowlands zone Five in order to give a presentation about the amazing world of cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately for Andrew something more sinister was going down. He was arrived at the location at 1 pm to give his presentation. As he walked in he was met with a group of two women and four men. As he walked inside to introduce himself, someone appeared behind him and stuck a cloth over his face. This cloth was soaked in some kind of drug that rendered him unconscious.

Once he woke up, Andrew found himself in a different location and surrounded by two women and three men. They demanded his bank account information and password for his Bitcoin wallet. He’d been stripped of his clothing, assaulted and tortured with a hot iron. After a while, he gave in to their demands and handed over the information.

These vile criminals manage to steal over $57,873 USD from his Bitcoin wallet. They also gained another $7,234 USD from his personal bank account, and another $217 he carried on his person. The criminals also stole two laptops and iPhones. Andrew was very fortunate to have made it out alive, the criminals blindfolded him once again and dropped him off on a distant road. At the current moment, Andrew is recovering in the hospital ICU and police are currently search for the culprits.

Our Thoughts

As cryptocurrency continues to rise in value, criminals will become tempted to set their eyes on physically stealing it away from their rightful owners. While it may be harder due to it being a digital assets, some criminals will be cruel enough to commit heinous bodily harm on others. Keep a sharp eye out when meeting someone and stay safe readers.

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