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Binance LaunchPad to Offer Monthly Tokens With BitTorrent and Fetch.AI

Binance has decided to start the year off with a bang, as recently they announced in a blog post today that Binance Launchpad will introduce a minimum of one token to its users every month this year. This first projects that shall be launched for this initiative are BitTorrent and Fetch.AI.


Binance offers its users two platforms for blockchain and crypto projects. Binanace Labs offers to fund innovative blockchain startups while Binance Launchpad offers a platform for raising funds through token sales.

Binance Launchpad has successfully supported projects which are already funded and need a renowned space to reach for more crypto users. Launchpad lists Bitcoin wallet Bread and gifting platform Gifto as their successful token projects.

BitTorrent is a TRC-10 token based on the Tron blockchain, which is stated to improve download speed, file availability and content creation on a peer-to-peer file sharing Network. BTT tokens will be used to incentivize longer seeding sessions and the use of faster networks.

As explained in the Fetch.AI whitepaper, the project goals are to leverage the power of AI and machine learning on the blockchain, with expected use cases in transportation energy, supply chain, and hospitality sectors.

Our Thoughts

Binance is starting the year strong by enticing both new and old users onto its platform. With plenty of people using torrenting sites to get their fill of daily media, BitTorrent has introduced a fantastic way of having people not only using its software but ensuring they also continue to seed afterward.

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