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Bank of America New Blockchain Patent Targets Cash Handling

Financial giant Bank of America reveals a new patent to utilize blockchain technology to improve cash handling.

Originally submitted during June 2017, this patent references “banking systems controlled by data bearing records.”

“Aspects of the disclosure relate to deploying, configuring, and utilizing cash handling devices to provide dynamic and adaptable operating functions,” its abstract reads.

The bank goes on to explain there remain communication difficulties in aspects of cash handling across hugely operated banks and believes that blockchain is the key to ease the burden.

“Cash handling devices may be used in operating centers and other locations to provide various functions, such as facilitating cash withdrawals and deposits,” the patent document continues.

“In many instances, however, it may be difficult to integrate such cash handling devices with technical infrastructure that supports banking operations and other operations while also optimizing the efficient and effective technical operations of the cash handling devices and various related computer systems.”

Our Thought

Bank of America continues to step up their efforts on gaining as many intellectual properties for blockchain technology. Previously in November, the bank revealed to have gained the most blockchain patent under its belt, although it makes one wonder if they’ll be putting any of them to use.

Do you think Bank of America actually plans to use any of these patents?

Let us know your thoughts.

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