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Azarus, A Video Game That ‘Challenges’ Players Built on EOSIO

A new video game by the name of Azarus allows its players to create and run their own challenges thanks to the use of the EOSIO blockchain.


According to the creator of Azarus, Alex Casasovici, the game is a “game challenge network.” It allows players to “define and run their own challenges on their own terms.”

The team who developed Azarus has been constantly working alongside publishers to access the best possible data sources, allowing them to be aware of what happens in the game during real-time. This data is then fed to smart contracts that operate the gaming challenges.

Alex has pointed out that video games have changed drastically since Xbox Live created the very first achievement network sixteen years ago with games that hold more longevity. In the case of Azarus, maintaining a steady number of players is important as bringing new players to the network. He further elaborated that it’s important for Azarus to partner up with game publishers, to enable players to have more fun with games they enjoy.

Future Plans

The Networks’ very first alpha-test went live during September last year with Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

The publisher designed challenges to appear during the end of the match through the use of a Twitch extension. Players will be able to earn AZA credits for correct answers. These credits will can then be exchanged for in-game items on

Alex did comment that the first test was a “tremendous success.”

With their decision for staying on the EOSIO blockchain network, Alex says that they had developed an open platform “that’s sanctioned by publishers and that stays away from betting and gambling.”

Utilizing blockchain develops trust among players. EOSIO help provides some amazing transaction speed and allows users to interact with the blockchain without going into the technical details, making it the perfect fit for Azarus.

AZA is a digital asset that provides a measure of how much time a user has spent in a game and how proficient he is at playing said game.

Our Thoughts

Video games are one of the biggest industries to exist in today’s market. Alex and his team were smart to tap into a market filled with people who enjoy tackling challenges head on and instead of receiving some token trophy award, they’ll instead be rewards with something even more.

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