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ARK introduces ARK Pay, a solution that will allow merchants to accept ARK

ARK announced on their blog recently that the company will be launching ARK Pay. ARK Pay is a simple open-source library that provides merchants with the ability to easily accept ARK as a means of payment in online stores.

The goal of ARK has always been to build a blockchain platform that gives developers a powerful toolkit to create a fully functioning blockchain ecosystem with ARK at its core.

ARK Pay is a key component of that toolkit and provides developers with a plug-and-play module to allow easy implementation of ARK as a payment method.

As most of us know, merchants struggle with payment processing. We’ve heard numerous stories about merchants getting their payment accounts denied from traditional outlets or having them shut down out of nowhere. ARK Pay solves that problem and reduces the barrier of entry for those store owners.

ARK Pay is an official ARK supported plugin developed in JavaScript. It leverages all of the latest technologies and does not rely on an extensive backend infrastructure. It is easy to setup and can be used with any ARK powered blockchain. With a few simple changes in the configuration file you can have ARK pay running on your ARK BridgeChain in a matter of minutes.

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The interface itself is actually quite simple, see the picture below:


You can view a demo of the built application below:

Using these demos you can quickly grab predefined and developed templates to get you up and running in no time.

You can also look through our ARK Pay documentation for explanation on how to set up and use ARK Pay:

Overall, it’s great to see that ARK is expanding their ecosystem. The company has an active Slack channel where developers can usually go to if they are having difficulties with the open source project.

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