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Aliant launches new product to help merchants in the USA and EU with zero fee payment processing

Aliant believes crypto is the way to provide merchants across the world with low-cost and fast transactions, as they introduce new payment solution product, CryptoBucks.

The goal of CryptoBucks is to help merchants in the United States and Europe region to convert crypto transactions to fiat seamlessly.

The CEO, Eric Brown, believes that cryptocurrency is the way to help merchants move money anywhere in the world faster and cheaper.

One of the advantages of accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as payment is that it is possible for merchants to avoid hefty credit card fees. Normally, most credit card payment processing providers would charge 2.9-4% per transaction which can add up over time.

“We’re offering free crypto processing so that merchants can experience the ease of our CryptoBucks platform, and the value that it brings their business,” Brown said.

Aliant thinks the current credit card authorization and settlement system, which was designed in 1970s as outdated, with potential problems that follow, such as transactions are hard to track, fraud is rampant and there are too many steps and parties are involved in international transactions that make the cost soars high.

Fraud accounts for a big chunk of the crimes in the credit card industry and merchants are losing millions of dollars daily due to the high fees and frauds.

This isn’t the first time Aliant tried to do something to tackle this problem. , Aliant attempted to offer crypto payment solution in 2017, which was urged by their desire to give relief to merchants across the world from interchange fees.

“Our goal is to make cryptocurrency every merchant’s favorite form of payment by allowing them to experience the benefits with a trusted name like Aliant handling the processing and funding for their business,” Brown closed his statement.

The truth is that moving forward, we would need companies like Aliant in order to achieve adoption. We would need merchants to believe in the value and potential of Bitcoin and this is a great stepping stone, by offering merchants a solution that they can test out for free.


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Samuel Tan

Samuel Wan has been an analyst and cryptocurrency evangelist for the last few years. Previously he worked as a consultant for a Big 4 consulting firm and is passionate about how blockchain will make an impact in the world. You can contact Sam at

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