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A new cryptojacking technique that targets Mac users has been discovered

A report published by a cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks claims that a new cryptojacking technique has been discovered. This time this cryptojacking technique targets Mac users. “CookieMiner’ targets Mac computer users to get hold of their browser cookies generated after working with cryptocurrency-related websites: exchanges and wallets.

Targeting crypto exchanges

The new malware is aimed at crypto exchanges, such as Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, MyEtherWallet and Bitstamp. It also goes for any site that has the word ‘blockchain’ in the domain name, says the report.

The malware also steals bank card details of users, like Mastercard and Visa, Discover, American Express. One more target for it is usernames and passwords users save in their browsers and text messages in their iPhones that can open their crypto wallets.

Stealing these details, say the cybersecurity researches, can enable ill-wishers to receive access to users’ accounts on crypto exchanges and on crypto wallets and let them withdraw all cryptos.

Most exchanges like Binance have SMS verifications, but hackers have been searching for new ways to bypass all the security features.

Cryptojacking in effect

One more feature that this malware has is changing the victim’s PC system to let it secretly mine crypto. Unlike other hidden miners that mint Monero (XMR), this one is after Koto token, which is not so much famous on the crypto market at the moment.

Aside from just being careful with what you have installed, The only protection against the new malicious software at the moment, seems to be Little Snitch firewall. If the virus finds this program running on a Mac, it withdraws and exits.

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Samuel Tan

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