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0x launches their own ecosystem acceleration program

0x recently announced on their blog that they are launching their own acceleration program with the hope of boosting the 0x ecosystem.

The 0x ecosystem has grown organically to serve a wide array of markets ranging from in-game items to traditional financial assets. The mission of the Ecosystem Acceleration Program is to accelerate that growth. By offering promising teams access to funding, technical support, and business expertise, the Program aims to expand the number and diversity of projects building on the 0x Protocol.

The bigger picture

The EAP focuses on supporting development in 3 key areas:

  1. Helping early-stage teams get their project off the ground: We are funding startups building in a variety of 0x relayer verticals including order book exchanges, NFT marketplaces, prediction markets, and many more.
  2. Investing in tooling and programs to support all businesses building in the 0x ecosystem: We are supporting talented teams who want to build open-source infrastructure that benefits the whole ecosystem.
  3. Promoting technological breakthroughs through targeted research grants: We are backing projects attempting to solve research problems in the fields of cryptography, economics, and computer science to improve scalability and governance.

Like other accelerator programs, 0x will offer their portfolio companies an investment amount ranging from $10,000 – $100,000.

Companies participating the program won’t receive all the funding up front. The funding is awarded based on the stage of the project, quality of the team, commitment of the team, level of execution, and contribution to the crypto community.

For teams looking for follow-on investment after the initial seed round, 0x can offer introductions with leading venture capital firms.

As of now, 0x has already accepted 15+ projects into the EAP and look forward to bringing on a new wave of teams over the coming months.

Benefits from the acceleration program

Joining the program will give you a few benefits:

  • Technical support from the current 0x team
  • Advising from the core 0x foundation
  • Introduction to other potential investors
  • Can supply with more talent to help your team grow

To apply, you can go directly to this link – Application


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Samuel Tan

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